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In memory of Bernard Bigot - Arrangements for collecting donations

Dr. Bernard BIGOT, Director-General of the ITER international Organisation, former Director of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), former Director of École Normale Supérieure de Lyon de Lyon (ENS de Lyon), former Professor of Universities, passed away on 14 May 2022.
Dr Bigot’s family would like to thank the Foundation for the Université de Lyon (FpUL) for accepting donations from those who wish to contribute to the continuation of Bernard Bigot's commitments/areas of interest.
FpUL is recognized by the Council of State (Conseil d’État) as a public service foundation, and had been chaired by Bernard Bigot since 2015. FpUL will not be the final beneficiary of the donations received, but will distribute the funds according to rules already defined by Dr Bigot’s family, according to the following themes:
  • Support for education for young people;
  • Scientific research;
  • Reforestation, for carbon footprint reduction;
  • A monument dedicated to ITER, in Provence;
  • Restoration of the church of his funerals in Lyon and the village church in Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or, Dr Bigot’s hometown.
Donors will receive additional information on how these funds are distributed.
Please do not send flowers or wreaths.

Here is the process for making donations:

  1. Make a transfer using the RIB (banking information) below, specifying in the wording: “Tribute to Bernard Bigot”.

    IBAN (International Bank Account Number): FR76 1009 6180 9100 0712 3290 165
    BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CMCIFRPP

    Account number: 00071232901
    Bank: 10096
    Counter: 18091
    Key: 65
  2. To comply with the tax obligations of the foundation, please send an email to, copying the table below and filling in the details as shown. This will make it possible to create the receipt for a potential tax reduction (for France only), according to the theme chosen.

  3. Your family name and first name; or the legal name of your company/institution   
    Postal address
    Email address or telephone number
    The amount of your donation
    If you would like to choose the destination of your donation, please check the desired theme(s) to the right   Support for education for young people
      Scientific research
      Reforestation, for carbon footprint reduction
      A monument dedicated to ITER, in Provence
      Restoration of the church of his funerals in Lyon and of the village church in Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or, Dr Bigot’s hometown

On behalf of Dr Bigot’s family, including his wife, Chantal, and their three daughters, Aude, Florence and Emmanuelle, we thank you and remain at your disposal should you need additional information.