Published on November 5, 2020 | Updated on February 2, 2023

Centre Hospitalier Saint Joseph Saint Luc Foundation

The Centre Hospitalier Saint Joseph Saint Luc Foundation, created in 2020 under the aegis of the Innovation and Transitions Foundation, is an offshoot of the Centre Hospitalier Saint Joseph Saint Luc.

Its mission is to promote the financing of medical projects for the hospital center - in the field of care, research, prevention and training - in order to ensure that all patients, regardless of their income, receive optimal care, with the best technical means, comfort and humanity.

Drawing upon their humanist values, the institution and the health professionals involved in daily patient care are committing to caring for everyone and providing equal care to all.

Thus, the Foundation’s actions are structured around two main objectives:
  • Improving patient quality of life during their stay at the hospital: reception and patient comfort;
  • Developing patient management techniques through the acquisition of materials and equipment, and additional training for of health-care personnel.
In the context of health crisis, such as what we are currently experiencing with Covid-19, the Foundation aims to support and encourage health professionals who are particularly involved in the fight against the virus, but also to fund initiatives aiming to improve patient comfort and the quality of the care provided to the patients of the hospital center.

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