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Innovation & Transitions Found



The Innovation and Transitions Foundation's ambition is to promote the progress of knowledge and innovation by supporting actions supported by higher education and research actors and the socio-economic world.
It intends to contribute to a scientific, environmental, social, economic and cultural development, balanced and united on the territory, by acting in the general interest. Although the foundation has its roots in Lyon, it can work throughout France.

The Innovation and Transitions Foundation aims to :
  • Support innovative scientific, technological, social and ecological projects with a positive impact;
  • Develop and organize a fruitful cooperation between the stakeholders of knowledge, development and innovation, in particular between the actors of the economic world and those of the academic world;
  • Promote knowledge transfer and citizen access to innovations.


Supporting projects and hosting foundations that serve the territory

In order to fulfill its role of supporting innovation and major transitions in the terr, the foundation is positioned in two main fields of action:
  • The implementation of projects promoting innovation and mobilizing private and public actors (for example, the Journées de l'économie).
  • The creation of foundations under the aegis of the Fondation Innovation et Transitions, which allows for the creation of partnerships and public/private synergies.
The Innovation and Transitions Foundation is the result of the evolution of the University of Lyon Foundation in order to strengthen its impact by supporting innovation and major transitions in the region.


Key figures

 6 founders
 28 hosted foundations
 2 major projects supported
55M of grants and private patronage since the Foundation was created in 2012